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Equinoxe TV’s MIMI MEFO Recognized in Investigative Journalism Awards



MIMI Mefo TAKAMBOU a worker with Douala based Television Channel, Equinoxe TV, has been recognized by the British High Commission with a special prize as the only Television entry in the Investigative Journalism competition.

Though she was not among the first three laureates, the judges found her stunning story on the living conditions of prisoners In Cameroon worthy to have a special prize. Her report on several prisons in Cameroon portrayed the realities in Cameroonian prisons, the disgusting living conditions and the reaction of legal minds.

The jury found her report special and encouraged her to do more next time in fostering development. According to MIMI Mefo what motivated her to carry out the research was the disturbing stories that emanated from Cameroon prisons, “I have spoken with detainees, worked with prison chaplains and come to reality of what prisoners go through, their living conditions are appalling, in the midst of this, the government is doing practically nothing, prisons are overcrowded, you cannot imagine that about 65% of prisoners today are still waiting trial, it’s terrible”, she bemoaned.

The graduate from the Journalism and Mass Communication Department of the University of Buea further says it is time for the government to take its responsibilities with concrete actions towards ameliorating the conditions of prisoners, she says “There is need for reforms in the penitentiary sector, lawyers, prison guards, magistrates and everyone including the Justice minister has to put hands on deck to foster the strict respect of human rights of prisoners. I still have much work to carry out; it is time for us media men and women to also shed lights on issues like this in order to promote good governance”.

The Award ceremony took place in Yaoundé Thursday March 31, at the residence of Brian Olley, British High Commissioner to Cameroon

The first winners of the award included Snowsel Ano-Ebie, worker with CRTV emerged first ,Aminde Blaise ATABONG of The Guardian Post came second while MOKI Edwin Kendzeka of CRTV and Eugene NFORNGWA of The Standard Tribune had a tie in the third place.

The winners came from an entry list of 30 journalists. AFRICAphonie, a Buea based institution which organized the competition in collaboration with British High Commission says next edition will witness modifications; there will be prizes for each category, TV, Radio and Print.

Mimi MEFO TAKAMBOU currently works with Equinoxe Television she has proven to be daring in her close to five years of service in the Douala based private Channel. Mimi has covered human rights events, child abuse and other stories that portray the socio-economic and political scene of Cameroon.

The 27 year old Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ Douala Chapter member is a Tv news anchor.




Temper Flare In US as Racism Turns To Different Twist

After a US grand Jury decided not to indict a white police officer,Darren Wilson, who shot to death six bullets,a black boy,Brown,protesters took to the streets to show their disatisfaction with the ruling

Darren Wilson has insisted in a televised interview that his actions were not motivated by race and that there was nothing he could have done to avoid the tragedy. “The reason I have a clean conscience is that I know that I did my job right,” he told ABC News.

Brown’s family lawyer said the US justice system was “broken” and had failed young black people. “All across America, whether it’s in New York, Los Angeles, California or Cleveland, young people of colour are being killed by police officers,” said attorney Benjamin Crump.

A show of force by police and the US national guard in Ferguson, Missouri, prevented a second night of widespread rioting. Police made 44 arrests and fired teargas to disperse protesters outside Ferguson city hall. Police were pelted with rocks, bricks and bottles of urine, and they seized a molotov cocktail, but there no incidents of arson. “Generally it was a much better night,” said St Louis chief Jon Belmar.
Protests at police violence have occurred in a number of cities across the US including New York and Los Angeles. In Cleveland hundreds of people, angered by the killing of a black 12-year-old over the weekend, blocked rush hour traffic. In Los Angeles more than a 100 protesters were arrested for failing to disperse. A Ferguson protests is due to take place outside the US embassy in London on Wednesday evening.
Barack Obama said there was no excuse for burning buildings, torching cars and destroying property. But the president said he understood that many people were upset by the grand jury’s decision. “The frustrations that we’ve seen are not about a particular incident. They have deep roots in many communities of color who have a sense that our laws are not always being enforced uniformly or fairly,” Obama said.

Darren Wilson
police Officer
Birth : 14 May 1986 (28 yrs), Fort Worth, Texas, US
companion: Barbara Spradling
Parents : Tonya Durso, John Wilson
wife: Barbara Spradling (m. 2014), Ashley Brown (m. 2011–2013)
brother and sister : Jared Harris, Kara Sosko

Salary Increment: Biya Makes Mockery of Cameroonians.

Cameroonians have been mocked again by the Biya regime.Salaries of civil servants have been increased by meaningless 5%,a week after the hikes in prices of petroleum products.

A presidential decree increases the basic salaries of civil servants and military men and reducing special tax on petroleum products to reduce transportation of persons and goods in the conutry.

This presidential decree is a big mockery to Cameroonians especially those who work in the private sector.
What becomes of them?Does the 5% person reflect and can change the poor social climate in the country?NO!
The five percent pay rise will have noe effect in the salaries of state workers.

Cameroon Salary on standstill

Cameroon Salary on standstill

There is endermic youth unemployment,lack of water and electricity,under employment,insecurity,low purchasing power etc.There is no way Camerooians could forge ahead with this madness in the country.

The price of petrol rose by 14 percent and diesel by 15 percent, while gas prices were up over 8 percent, the government said on Monday. The International Monetary Fund has for years called for a cut in subsidies, which cost about $600 million (R6.3 billion) a year.

Cameroon has repeatedly stalled the move after deadly protests in 2008 and Nigeria’s failed bid to cut similar subsidies in 2012. A litre of petrol now costs 650 CFA francs (R14.34), while diesel is up to 600 CFA francs a litre.

Tamfu Arison In Another Media Award

The Journal`s Arison Tamfu has won yet another media award, this one in Kenya. The current award comes from the 2014 African Climate Change and Reporting Awards, popularly known as “ACCER Awards” in Kenya.

The awards that celebrate excellence in climate change and environmental journalism in Africa, are organized by the Pan African Climate Justice (PACJA) in partnership with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), Oxfam, Sweden and Diakonia.

Tamfus entry, titled “Cameroons Forests at the Mercy of Charcoal Makers,” originally published here in the Cameroon Journal, was awarded the winner in the print category and the second overall winner in all the categories out of over 300 entries and 15 finalists.

Tamfu During award ceremony

Tamfu During award ceremony

Commenting on the narrative that landed Tamfu the award, Barrack Muluka, head of the panel of seven judges told dignitaries who attended the Award Gala night at Tribe Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, that “The story takes you to one of the remotest parts in Batouri in the East region of Cameroon. As you read, you see and live it as if you are there. It is a marvelous piece of journalism-with relevant interviews and clearly addresses the climate-change issue in Africa in a detailed and comprehensive way.”

“After the disappointing performance of the Lions at the World Cup that greatly damaged the image of Cameroon in the eyes of the world, this award has restored the pride of honour of my country, Cameroon, at least, in the field of journalism. I am exceptionally pleased and thankful to God and my mother for her love and kindness that has always been my source of inspiration,” said Tamfu after receiving the award.

Tamfu is a multi-award winning reporter. Apart from reporting for the Cameroon Journal, he also reports on current events in Africa for Malaysia’s MSME News Network, Spore Magazine and Diplomatic Observer. He is former Editor-in- chief of the English news desk at Equinox TV and Radio.

Cameroonjournal via Cameroon web

What Killed Limbe III Mayor

The mayor for Limbe three council ,Isaac Inongo Dalle , is no more and his death
sent shocking waves within the party He died at the Limbe Regional Hospital at about 2 30 pm, Thursday, July 3, after protracted illness.

limbe Three mayor zhile on earth

limbe Three mayor zhile on earth

So what actually killed him?
Coming up…

Cameroon ex-Colonel Released From Jail

Retired colonel and former government delegate to the Douala City council Edouard Etonde Kotto has been released from jail .
He was jailed for embezzling state funds.since December 13,2007 he has spent 2310 days in jail. The marathon court session yesterday in Yaounde at the supreme court ended at about 2 15 am Tuesday before the courts verdict was pronounced.

He is amongst high profile detainees recently released from jail,after Titus Edzoa and Thierry Michel Atangana.

Me Abessolo and Etonde Kotto former PCA of Ports Authority was jailed for 15 years.
Siyam Siéwé, Kamdem and Assana life imprisonment. Siéwé Nintcheu had 25 .
In total Les 13 persons were accused of embezzling funds from the Ports Authority and were to pay a colossal sum of 34 billion, 291 millions 448 thousand 117 Fcfa.

Canadian nun, two Italian priests kidnapped in Cameroon

A 74-year-old Canadian nun working as a missionary in Cameroon was among a group of missionaries abducted by two armed groups in the western African country, Montreal’s Congregation de Notre-Dame said.

Allegri(R), Marta(L)

Allegri(R), Marta(L)



Gilberte Bussiere, originally from Asbestos, Que., was kidnapped along with two Italian priests before dawn Saturday in their residences in the small parish of Techere, in the country’s north.

“It is with great concern and sadness that we have learned of the kidnapping,” the congregation said in a statement.

After teaching in Quebec for two decades, Bussiere left for Cameroon in 1979 and has been there ever since working as an educator.

When she came back to Canada for health reasons last year, the congregation said Bussiere “expressed eagerness to return to the country and the people she loved.”

Italy’s foreign ministry identified the priests as Giampaolo Marta and Gianantonio Allegri, but declined to give other details to avoid compromising efforts for the missionaries’ release.

It noted that its website cautions against travel in the area, 30 kilometres from the border with Nigeria “in consideration of the risk of kidnappings due to presence of jihadist elements coming from Nigeria.”

A spokesperson for Foreign Affairs in Ottawa said they were aware of the report.

“We are pursuing all appropriate channels to seek further information and are in close contact with Cameroonian authorities,” the spokesperson said in an email.

A Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Ciro Benedettini, said the priests were assigned from the Vicenza diocese in northern Italy.

The missionaries who were kidnapped “are greatly loved and greatly appreciated,” Vicenza diocese spokesman the Rev. Alessio Graziani said. “The people there have great esteem for them.”

Benedettini said Pope Francis was told early Saturday about the abduction, was praying for the three and “expressed hope for a solution.”

Vatican Radio said the three were seized by the armed kidnappers in the diocese of Maroua.

“It isn’t ruled out that those who carried out the abduction belong to the Islamic fundamentalist group Boko Haram,” Vatican Radio said. Diocesan officials said no one had claimed responsibility for the abductions.

Vatican Radio broadcast an interview with an unidentified priest from Vicenza who said the kidnappers took the Canadian woman, but left nuns from Cameroon who work with the Italian priest.

With files from The Associated Press,Canadian True Crime and Sahar Fatima.