New Year Message From CAMASEJ National president

Tricia Oben Camasej Nat.President

Tricia Oben Camasej Nat.President

Hello everyone and a healthy and happy New Year to you and your families. As we celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another it is always a good time for reflection, a time for assessment and even more important, it is a time of hope.
We must always look back to evaluate and assess with hindsight the challenges we faced as an association. Even though it was a rough year we have hope of brighter days ahead. On the whole we as an entity are a forward thinking profession, a courageous group of people who believe, who trust, who hope and who have the determination to work harder each year in the belief that by being professional we can work for the good of our community.
This is the spirit that has kept CAMASEJ up and running year in and year out since 1992.
In 2015, my team and I would like to see that all our members live up to their full potential. Our prayer is that all of us no matter where we work and the conditions under which we practice, can pursue opportunities that are available all around us and become successful.
This is an important year for our association. It is a year when there will be many changes, and a year where we believe we must become even stronger than before. This is why we call again on all those who are not signed up as CAMASEJIANS to have a rethink. History has proven in many instances that group force is water tight force. That it is together that achievements triple. Many do not believe they need the association but it is always these people who realize too late that they should be members. It costs nothing but gives you everything. New blood inspires and bolsters the moral of any organization or association. So we need to encourage others to join in. My exco and I are happy we had the chance to serve you another year. We are pleased our association has again in a 12 month period served our nation. We wish you and your loved ones happiness, prosperity, and good health. May this be a year of personal prosperity for you and your families, and a year of progress and unity for our association.
Tricia Oben

National President
Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists (CAMASEJ)


Ebola Survivors Across West Africa Share Life-Saving Tips Via Mobile App

‘Yes, I Survived Ebola’ Says Guinean Woman in First-Ever Message Sent Through the Interactive App

CONAKRY, Guinea, January 5, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ – #ISurvivedEbola (, the groundbreaking West African multimedia campaign, has launched a new, interactive mobile app that allows Ebola survivors to connect with each other, share public health advice, and update the world on the challenges they still face during their post-recovery lives.


The innovative digital tool debuted in Guinea on January 5. It is being piloted by the first Guinean survivor to share her story with the #ISurvivedEbola campaign. The updates from the app appear on the newly launched #ISurvivedEbola website (, which also houses the stories of a growing community of Ebola survivors from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

In the first-ever message sent via the mobile app, Camara “Fanta” Fantaoulen of Guinea stated in French, “Yes, I survived Ebola, thanks to the help of the brave healthcare workers who treated me. And I’ve learned that together, we can defeat this virus and protect our families and communities.”

After losing her father and five other family members to suspected or confirmed Ebola, Fanta believed her death was imminent when she tested positive for the virus. Thanks to a combination of early treatment, strict adherence to her treatment plan, and sheer determination, Fanta recovered from the virus and is now providing psychosocial support to Ebola patients.

View Fanta’s survivor story video here: A Pillar of Strength and Support for Fellow Ebola Victims: Fanta’s Story of Survival and Solidarity:
The mobile app is the latest component of the #ISurvivedEbola campaign, which leverages survivor stories from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea to deliver vital public health information about Ebola to affected populations, and to reduce the stigma faced by Ebola survivors. A key way in which the campaign does this is by documenting survivor stories in video, audio, and print formats; then disseminating these stories broadly via local, national, and international media, online platforms, and other distribution channels. Educational radio dramas that tell fictional yet reality-based stories of survival, and radio call-in shows that feature Ebola survivors as guests, are among the equally important campaign activities.

Funded by Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions in response to the Ebola crisis in West Africa, #ISurvivedEbola is part of the #TackleEbola initiative ( and the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation’s commitment of at least $100 million for Ebola relief. The campaign is implemented by PCI Media Impact in collaboration with UNICEF.

Carole Tomko, General Manager and Creative Director of Vulcan Productions, states, “The mobile app really changes the face of this campaign by empowering the people of West Africa to share stories about Ebola and survivorship with each other and the world. The app gives a human face to survivorship and has the potential to create a sense of community in which the survivors, rather than being stigmatized, become leaders and heroes in this fight. The new digital components of the campaign extend our reach beyond West Africa, allowing these very moving, personal stories to be seen and heard globally.”

Currently, campaign staff in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea are providing each survivor who has shared his or her story through the campaign with a smartphone installed with the app, thereby enabling these individuals to use the technology to share information about their lives after recovery. The smartphones and the app were provided and developed with support from the charity fundraising website GlobalGiving. Campaign staff expect survivors in all three countries to begin utilizing the app within two weeks. The mobile app updates will be shared globally on the newly launched #ISurvivedEbola website.

With the release of the app and launch of the website, the #ISurvivedEbola campaign has completed Phase I of its roll-out in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. With active distribution of campaign products across radio, print, digital, and video platforms in West Africa and beyond, the #ISurvivedEbola campaign is also continuing to add stories of hope and resilience to the world’s focus on the Ebola outbreak. These stories include two additional survivor story videos from survivors in Liberia and Sierra Leone, respectively.

The latest Liberia video introduces the world to Decontee Davis, a 23-year-old who overcame Ebola but lost her fiancé to the virus. Decontee now works in an Interim Care Center for children who have come in contact with Ebola patients and are under 21 days of observation. Many of these children have lost one or both parents to the disease. In the new Sierra Leone video, audiences meet Aminata Kargbo, a university student who, after surviving Ebola, has arisen as a leader in efforts to educate her fellow countrymen and women on the benefits of early treatment.

View the two new videos here: Mother of Many: Ebola Survivor Decontee’s Mission to Help Children Touched by the Outbreak (, and The Power of Early Treatment: Aminata’s Story of Ebola Survival and How She is Using it to Help Others (

“The campaign is really accelerating, especially in the three countries hardest hit by the Ebola outbreak,” said Sean Southey, CEO of PCI Media Impact. “We began in early December with the launch of the campaign and release of the first survivor video ( out of Liberia. Then, the campaign launched educational Ebola-focused radio programs in Liberia and released the premier survivor story out of Sierra Leone ( Now, we have activated the mobile app, released the first survivor story out of Guinea, and launched a website that will allow concerned citizens throughout the world to join the movement.”

The multiple #ISurvivedEbola campaign products and activities are reinforcing the existing work being done by organizations like UNICEF in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea to spread key messages on Ebola to the public.

“While treatment of Ebola patients is critical, the best way to end the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is to cut the chain of transmission and prevent further infections,” said Rafael Obregon, Chief of the Communication for Development Section at UNICEF. “As the global UN lead for the Social Mobilization Pillar of the Ebola response in West Africa, UNICEF is at the helm of efforts to stop transmission by working with national governments and partners to educate the public in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea about how to protect themselves, their families, and their communities from the virus. #ISurvivedEbola is reinforcing our efforts by providing this information in multiple, highly entertaining forms, including through the testimonies of actual survivors.”

Distributed by APO (African Press Organization) on behalf of #TackleEbola.

CONTACT: Carolyn Kindelan, Communications Manager, PCI Media Impact, +1-757-675-2110

Carolyn is available to respond to media queries about #ISurvivedEbola and to liaise with campaign staff on the ground in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

More Information:

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Download photographs of Ebola survivors: (

Follow the new #ISurvivedEbola campaign on Twitter @SurvivedEbola (, and on Instagram @isurvivedebola (, and on Facebook at

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About Vulcan Productions

Founded by philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen and Jody Allen, Vulcan Productions ( produces compelling feature films, television series, specials, and digital content and creates outreach initiatives designed to inspire people to take action on the critical issues of our time. Vulcan Productions is committed to supporting projects of significance that ignite progress and motivate audiences to generate measurable impact on the world. As part of a comprehensive relief campaign through which the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has committed at least $100 million to stop the spread of Ebola, Vulcan Productions is engaged in media partnerships that bring life-saving information to populations who are most affected by this global public health crisis. Current media partners in the campaign are BBC Media Action ( and CNN, with the production of The Unseen Enemy, a feature documentary that explores the global impact of pandemics. Vulcan Productions projects have won numerous awards, including the George Foster Peabody Award, the Emmy Award, the Grammy Award, the Wildscreen Panda Award, and the Sheffield Doc/Fest Green Award. Acclaimed films and series from the Vulcan Productions group include We The Economy (, Pandora’s Promise (, Girl Rising (, Success at the Core (, Hard Candy (, The Blues (, and Racing Extinction (

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PCI Media Impact ( is an international leader in the Entertainment-Education (E-E) field, leveraging the combined power of the media and the inspiration of storytelling to change communities around the world. In its 29 years of work with partners, PCI Media Impact has produced more than 5,000 episodes of 100 E-E radio and television programs that increase knowledge, change attitudes, and facilitate behavior change on some of today’s most pressing issues. Topics of these programs have included HIV/AIDS prevention, reproductive and sexual health, child and maternal survival, human rights, sustainable development, and now, Ebola prevention. These productions have reached more than 1 billion people in 45 countries to date.


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Using Communication for Development (C4D) principles and practice, UNICEF promotes the use of a judicious mix of participatory communication strategies and approaches in order to increase the impact of development programs and enhance the ability of families and communities to achieve results for children and realize their rights. Click here for more information on C4D at UNICEF:



Temper Flare In US as Racism Turns To Different Twist

After a US grand Jury decided not to indict a white police officer,Darren Wilson, who shot to death six bullets,a black boy,Brown,protesters took to the streets to show their disatisfaction with the ruling

Darren Wilson has insisted in a televised interview that his actions were not motivated by race and that there was nothing he could have done to avoid the tragedy. “The reason I have a clean conscience is that I know that I did my job right,” he told ABC News.

Brown’s family lawyer said the US justice system was “broken” and had failed young black people. “All across America, whether it’s in New York, Los Angeles, California or Cleveland, young people of colour are being killed by police officers,” said attorney Benjamin Crump.

A show of force by police and the US national guard in Ferguson, Missouri, prevented a second night of widespread rioting. Police made 44 arrests and fired teargas to disperse protesters outside Ferguson city hall. Police were pelted with rocks, bricks and bottles of urine, and they seized a molotov cocktail, but there no incidents of arson. “Generally it was a much better night,” said St Louis chief Jon Belmar.
Protests at police violence have occurred in a number of cities across the US including New York and Los Angeles. In Cleveland hundreds of people, angered by the killing of a black 12-year-old over the weekend, blocked rush hour traffic. In Los Angeles more than a 100 protesters were arrested for failing to disperse. A Ferguson protests is due to take place outside the US embassy in London on Wednesday evening.
Barack Obama said there was no excuse for burning buildings, torching cars and destroying property. But the president said he understood that many people were upset by the grand jury’s decision. “The frustrations that we’ve seen are not about a particular incident. They have deep roots in many communities of color who have a sense that our laws are not always being enforced uniformly or fairly,” Obama said.

Darren Wilson
police Officer
Birth : 14 May 1986 (28 yrs), Fort Worth, Texas, US
companion: Barbara Spradling
Parents : Tonya Durso, John Wilson
wife: Barbara Spradling (m. 2014), Ashley Brown (m. 2011–2013)
brother and sister : Jared Harris, Kara Sosko

State University Student Unions, What Future

After the ruthless and atomic elimination of one time most vibrant student union in central Africa, University of Buea Student Union, UBSU, the minister of higher education recently signed a decision suspending leaders of an association dedicated to defending the rights of Cameroonian students from the University of Yaoundé One. Thierry Batoum, president of Addec and Barthélemy Tchaleu, S.G were even detained for days before release.
They were suspended for alleged attempt to incite disorder in the university due to tracts distributed, seen by authorities as calling the students to take part in strike action.
These tracts were simply denouncing the fact that the Rector of the university purportedly asked students to pay the sum of 5000fcfa as insurance and 1000fcfa as identity card fee.

Addec student demanding their rights

Addec student demanding their rights

Even Fame Ndongo can remember working with UBSU

Even Fame Ndongo can remember working with UBSU

Whether true or not, the manner in which these students were intimidated leaves one to now understand why every move by any student union in Cameroon is always seen as bad, and received with bad faith.
If Yaoundé One university authorities had nothing to hide, it was their place to clarify students on the issue. One is more interesting is the fact that after this suspension, a certain group of students wrote a joint letter to denounce the activities of Addec. Whether they were force to do so or not, your guess is as right as mine.
These same students were imprisoned by police in Buea, when they went to University of Buea to enquire the raison d’être of imprisoned UB students during the 2013 February and May strike on Campus.
There is no fact denying that some activities of these student unions like destroying government properties, intimidation among others left authorities with no option than to use repressive measures. But it was also time for some to eliminate unions and create caricature ones and installed puppets as leaders.
Yes, Cameroonian student unions have fallen, and campuses are suffering from lack of toilet facilities, STM-sexual transmitted marks, poor food quality, intimidation, epileptic academic years characterized by lecturer strike, and at the end, they leave with degrees that have nothing to ride home about.
It is high time the ministry of higher education looks into the problem of student unions in Cameroon and endeavor to bring them on board in the daily activities of various campuses.
I can imagine how students are being treated with no voice to stand for their rights.
If Not, Why Not
Are we together

Candidates chase GCE Results To No Avail

Results of the 2014 session of the General Certificate of Education (GCE) have been released.
The results were announced this afternoon by the Registrar of the Cameroon GCE Board, Sir Humphrey Ekema Monono.

Results can be got by sending Centre Number + Candidate Number to 8070
Note: there should be no spacing between the Centre Number and the Candidate Number.
For example, if you center number is 1075 and your candidate number is 5040, send 10755040 to 8070
The results have been released but candidates are still chasing them THE CODE IS SLOW AND AT TIMES DOES NOT FUNCTION.

Salary Increment: Biya Makes Mockery of Cameroonians.

Cameroonians have been mocked again by the Biya regime.Salaries of civil servants have been increased by meaningless 5%,a week after the hikes in prices of petroleum products.

A presidential decree increases the basic salaries of civil servants and military men and reducing special tax on petroleum products to reduce transportation of persons and goods in the conutry.

This presidential decree is a big mockery to Cameroonians especially those who work in the private sector.
What becomes of them?Does the 5% person reflect and can change the poor social climate in the country?NO!
The five percent pay rise will have noe effect in the salaries of state workers.

Cameroon Salary on standstill

Cameroon Salary on standstill

There is endermic youth unemployment,lack of water and electricity,under employment,insecurity,low purchasing power etc.There is no way Camerooians could forge ahead with this madness in the country.

The price of petrol rose by 14 percent and diesel by 15 percent, while gas prices were up over 8 percent, the government said on Monday. The International Monetary Fund has for years called for a cut in subsidies, which cost about $600 million (R6.3 billion) a year.

Cameroon has repeatedly stalled the move after deadly protests in 2008 and Nigeria’s failed bid to cut similar subsidies in 2012. A litre of petrol now costs 650 CFA francs (R14.34), while diesel is up to 600 CFA francs a litre.